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SIMBAD 2nd Stakeholder Workshop

The SIMBAD project celebrated its second stakeholder workshop on Febuary 11, 2022, as an online meeting that brought together all consortium members, four academic experts from the core research areas involved in the different technical work packages (including reinforcement learning, traffic patterns, metamodelling, and visual analytics), and representatives from the TAPAS project and the SESAR SJU, to discuss and validate the technical developments of the project.

The event began with a brief presentation by the consortium members to explain the main goals of SIMBAD and what has been done so far. Later on, all interested parties discussed the project's technical developments and the next steps to achieve the project's following milestones.

During the workshop, all participants had the opportunity to give feedback on the methodology and the approach followed in each technical work package, as well as to discuss the preliminary results and the proposed next steps.

All SIMBAD partners want to thank the attendees for their interest, participation and valuable insights.


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