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SIMBAD Intermediate Project Review Meeting

On January 20, 2022, the members of the SIMBAD consortium presented to the SESAR JU the status of the project, the progress done in the different work packages, and the main activities performed during this first year.

All partners participated to explain the work done so far, that has been focused on:

  • Producing the Project Management Plan and other relevant management documentation.

  • Specifying the case studies that will be used to evaluate the methods and tools developed in the project.

  • Defining the methodology for the estimation of hidden variables related to AU's and trajectory modelling and prediction, and developing predictive models.

  • Defining the methodology to find the traffic patterns at different temporal and geographical scales, and identifying and computing relevant traffic features and KPIs to obtain the traffic patterns for each case study.

  • Defining and implementing a simulation metamodel for the DYNAMO simulation tool, as well as an active learning framework to train this metamodel.

All SIMBAD partners want to thank SESAR JU for the opportunity to present the project achievements and for the valuable feedback.


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